April 19, 2023
Todd Richter
It is often said that colleges benefit greatly from their sports programs, but the impact on student-athletes can be equally profound, if not greater. Todd Richter is a living testament to this truth. During his time at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Richter's involvement with the golf team extended far beyond the fairways and exceptional shots. The lessons he learned on the golf course became invaluable foundations that he applied not only to his personal life but also to his remarkable four-decade career in finance.

Richter proudly graduated from William & Mary in 1979, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a member of the esteemed golf team under the guidance of the legendary Coach Joe Agee. As an emeritus professor of kinesiology and a former Marine colonel, Agee instilled in Richter not only the technical aspects of a good golf game but also a host of invaluable life lessons. Reflecting on his experience, Richter acknowledged, "I credit a significant portion of my professional success to the discipline I cultivated as a student and a golfer at William & Mary. Joe's influence on my life, as well as the game of golf itself, has been immense."

Under Agee's mentorship, Richter learned the importance of discipline, a quality essential to any thriving career. He also recognized the value of cultivating a competitive edge, a crucial tool in the world of business. Richter's profound appreciation for the lessons learned through golf prompted him to make a remarkable $5 million estate commitment to support the College's golf program for both men and women.

Richter emphasized that while all students attend the College of William & Mary to pursue a world-class education, those fortunate enough to participate in an athletic program quickly discover the extraordinary nature of being a student-athlete. It is a unique and transformative experience that leaves an indelible mark on one's collegiate journey.

Todd Richter's unwavering gratitude for the impact of golf on his life serves as a testament to the College of William & Mary's commitment to excellence, both in academics and athletics. Through his generosity, he ensures that future student-athletes can continue to benefit from the same exceptional opportunities he had the privilege to embrace.